In this digital era, why do we still need a pencil case? Since it is still important for little kids to learn how to write and draw, they still need it. Whether to store their pencils (yes, including the colour ones) safely at home or to collect them before going to school, these DIY Pencil Case ideas surely work wonders.

You do not have to wait until holiday to start this project with your little ones. If they are your students, make this a class project. If they are your own little kids, you can do this DIY Pencil Case project over the weekend.

1. The French Fries Pencil Case

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Should you really feel like laughing in the sight of the, you’re more than welcomed to do so. Inspired with children’ favourite meal, you are able to make exactly the exact same container only to your pen case. Everything you want are:
*Colourful, carton newspapers.
*Paste or even a roll of sticky tape.
*A sample layout of a genuine bundle for french fries in a fast food restaurant.
*Naturally, a lot of pens.
After the existing layout, begin cutting and glueing till you produce a perfect fit.

2. A DIY Pencil Case From A Brush

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This will probably come to mind , particularly understanding the actual role of the brush. Should you not use this adhesive but it’s still in a fantastic state, then why don’t you?
Naturally, you don’t only any brush. This one is generally utilised to brush the ground, therefore the fibres are near one another. This is going to make maintaining your pens erect a simple job.
One thing for certain, however. Remember to wash it before shifting it into a pen case.

3. A Desk Organiser

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This pen case also has yet another purpose, which will be to organise your children’ desk in the home. You may use cardboard wood or materials. For carpentry, you may want to stand by for your children if they opt to work on themselves.
Little, neat, and compact, you may store your pen to one of its own holes. To make it appear more interesting, it is possible to ask your children to paint the situation in any colors they enjoy.

4. Teapots for Pencil Cases

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This notion can start off an injury or even a spur of the minute. More suitable for grown-ups, this pen case is produced from a teapot.
Naturally, your children could be wondering with puzzlement. Perhaps they also develop different thoughts, such as with cups and used pop cans. Understanding how simple to make their very own DIY Pencil Case, let them research.

5. DIY Multifunctional Binder

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Rather than developing another pen case, why not be more effective this moment?
When the binder has got an extra plastic pouch, then you can simply keep your pens there. When it’s not, you may add it using a bit of thick vinyl. Paste it to one of those vinyl pages.
When it’s permanently dry, then your vinyl pouch is mechanically your pen case also. It’s brief, easy, and nearly effortless. Your pens are safely stored in your buffer.

6. A Tin Can Pencil Case with Corks Attached to Its Surface

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When it’s a used soda can or even a tin for java, you may use it like a DIY Pencil Case. Obviously, each also needs different notions.
Ever since ribbons and vibrant newspapers are already frequent, why don’t you try something new? In case you’ve got a great deal of unused bottle corks, then don’t let them go to waste.
Utilizing a solid, permanent adhesive for wood, stick the corks into the tin can. Be certain all of the surface — except the entire — has coated together. After that, put it to the table. It’ll impress many who may find a look on it.

7. A Cork Placemat for Your Pencil’s Platform

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Virtually similar, this so-called pen case is constructed from cork. To be precise, it’s a heap of cork placemats. This substance also will help make your pens look better within an artistic screen. Start producing small holes on a single surface. These can be you pens’ stage as you make certain they stay erect with their endings jammed into the pit.

8. The Old Floppy Disks for a DIY Pencil Case

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These days, people use flash discs or USB. Other individuals favor external hard drives or attempting to not save too much in their laptops or computers. What to do with those unused, old floppy disks?
To make a DIY Pencil Case like this, you’ll need:
*Five floppy discs.
*Zip ties.
Place the wholes to the ideal corners of every disc before linking them up with zip ties. After the four discs turn into walls and the previous one is the lid (or bottom, depending on your selection ), begin saving your pencils and other stationeries in.

9. A Piece of Log for Your Pencil Case

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This notion is more or less exactly like the one using all the cork placemats. The difference is, you need to wash out the log up and blot them a little bit. You require a driller also so as to place some holes on a single website. Again, this really is a stage for all your pens and other stationeries.

10. A Pencil Pouch

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A pencil pouch can also be among the simplest designs. It requires a sewing ability and lots of great options of fabrics. You may pick colours that are plain, those with motifs or patterns, thick fabrics…you name them.
Certainly, your small children may like these DIY Pencil Case jobs. Not only they get to find out something and experiment firsthand, but they can maintain the results together.

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